John Shinn

Director District 4, United Steel Workers


            John Shinn is the Director for District 4 of the United Steel Workers. The district includes Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Puerto Rico.

       John is known for his passion and leadership roles in labor and environmentalism. He has worked with labor unions and environmental organizations to solve today's environmental challenges while creating and maintaining quality jobs to build a stronger, fairer economy. He was Chairman, SAPPI Council; Coordinator, Inter-Union Gas Conference; Chartered member, and member of the Board of Directors of the Work Environmental Council (WEC), an alliance of labor, community, and environmental organizations that advocates for safe, secure jobs and a healthy, sustainable environment.
      John Shinn has been a devoted union activist throughout his working career. His career began with CE Glass Company (which later became AFG Industries) in Cinnaminson, NJ. Two years after starting his employment at CE Glass, he was elected as Local 514’s Wage Committeeman in charge of his department. He participated on his first negotiating committee at the age of 21, and was elected President of his Local.
          As International Representative of the Aluminum, Brick & Glass Workers International Union, John serviced Local Unions in NJ, NY, PA, WV and OH. After the merger with the USW, John was assigned to the Edison, NJ sub-district and was appointed sub-director.
       John served as President of the Burlington County Central Labor Council, as President of the United Labor Agency of Burlington County, Vice President of the NJ Industrial Union Council, and Chairman of the Board of Directors for PHILAPOSH (Philadelphia Area Project on Occupational Safety & Health).  
      John Shinn's passion to improve the lot of the workers brought him to participated in the NJ Right to Know & Act Coalition, and he was elected Councilman of the Riverside Township Committee. John was also Vice-President of the Delaware AFL-CIO, Vice-President of the NJ State AFL-CIO, Labor representative on the United Way Board of Directors, Board member of the Burlington County United Way and Board member of the Burlington County Work Force Investment Board (WIB).



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