The Twelfth Annual Symposium on Energy in the 21st Century packed the hall. On April 8, 2016, over 350 people gathered to learn, participate and network. Many have attended all twelve years! An outstanding group of speakers talked about cutting edge energy policy and prospects and plans for the future in our state, our region and the country.
The attendees range from students to highly professionals, all interested in the future of renewable energy. CEOs of corporations, top leaders of environmental organizations, state commissioners, sustainability directors, engineers, architects, city planners, representatives from the offices of elected official both on the federal, state and local levels, farmers, town supervisors, mayors, municipal planners, college faculty and students as well as interested citizens.
Two quotes from the event are the best way to describe the progress we made this year at the Symposium.   

"The event is one of those sought for opportunities that fosters the form of dialogue that will lead to a sustainable climate and economic solutions and reduce those moments that allow opposition to be the dominate point of the discussion. I think it has become too easy to draw lines in the sand and depend on lobbying to drive sound policy; your approach was a welcome alternative to demonstrate that collectively we can solve many challenges and optimize many opportunities."  

Dennis Eisenbeck, National Grid Regional Director Energy Solutions.

"Dear Dr. Jezer, I just wanted to thank you so much for putting together such a fantastic symposium last Friday. It was beyond inspiring and gave me hope that maybe some of our problems could be solved if we collectively worked toward a sustainable future. You were so gracious with every introduction and made us all feel like family. Just a huge congrats for such tremendous effort and success. Looking forward to next year!"

Sara Schultz, Buffalo, NY
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Our panel of speakers! From left to right: Matt Driscoll (NYS), Dennis Elsenbeck (National Grid), Aaron Mair (Sierra Club), Herman Wiegman (General Electric), Erfan Ibrahim (NREL), Mike Langford (Utility Works of America) & Richard Kauffman (NYS)
Speakers enjoying their time! From left to right:Richard Kauffman (NYS), Matt Driscoll (NYS), Erfan Ibrahim (NREL), Herman Wiegman (General Electric), Dennis Elsenbeck (National Grid) , Mike Langford (Utility Works of America)
 Attendee Discussion!
 The crowd!
A full crowd! 
 Deep in thought!