The breadth and depth of the speakers drawn to The Symposium are consistently remarkable. United States Congressmen and New York Senators with powerful roles to help change the energy future of our region have consistently been speakers. College Presidents have shown how the teaching and research at their institutions are translating into meaningful projects and well-informed citizens. Representatives from front-line environmental organizations such as the Natural Resources Defense Council and NYS AFL-CIO share the dais to problem solve. City mayors using best environmental practices share their ideas and successes. Although other conferences may have some of the same expertise, what separates The Symposium is the informal atmosphere that creates a particularly dynamic and rich environment for all as traditional partners and the public at large explore the critical energy issues at hand. The hundreds of people who attend, no matter what their affiliation, learn from each other and build a greater understanding of environmental issues in our region. Clearly many see this is an invaluable and critical opportunity.

The Symposium on Energy in the 21st Century has allowed thousands of people the chance to learn about these technologies and projects and see them in action first-hand and has created a forum for all of us to take ownership for solutions to the country’s energy problems. This project’s enormous success should be recognized and celebrated.

Maureen O’Neill Fellows, SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry Director, Institutional Planning

This was a great series of presentations and a wonderfully moderated panel. Thank you Rhea for bringing all of us together! I think the virtual nature of the symposium helped allow many more people to participate, so that is one silver lining perhaps. I look forward to future in- person events and hopefully meeting you all in person. Thanks again.

Jordan Macknick, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

I just wanted to thank you so much for putting together such a fantastic symposium. It was beyond inspiring and gave me hope that maybe some of our problems could be solved if we collectively worked toward a sustainable future. You were so gracious with every introduction and made us all feel like family. Just a huge congrats for such tremendous effort and success.

Sara Schultz, Buffalo, NY

This award winning event consistently offers information and expertise regarding the solutions offered through renewable energy and successfully creates a rich environment urging for ownership and accountability for renewable energy solutions…The Symposium annually challenges both traditional partners and the greater public community to explore and tackle critical energy issues facing our nation.

Charles E. Schumer, United States Senator

I can’t say enough about the day and the experiences it held for my students. Simply extraordinary. Being in the same room with the great minds you gathered was inspiring. Thank you for making us feel most welcome and acknowledging what I believe, that young people carry the creative spirit and keys to helping us move our energy and other challenges forward.

Sue Foster, Science Department Chair, Manlius Pebble Hill School, DeWitt

This wonderful event addresses the challenges that we face as we work toward energy independence…It is exactly the forward thinking that we need as business leaders, environmentalists, members of government and citizens to ensure a sustainable future. I share your commitment to sustainable energy, recognizing the significant impact it will have on improving our environment and the health of our citizens.

Kirsten Gillibrand, United States Senator

I have to commend you for creating this growing annual event and giving a powerful platform for professionals and students to come together and spend quality time sharing ideas. The topics had the right balance to reach a wide set of audience and the flow between different topics was perfect. There are very few conferences that really feel open to students and yet keeps the focus very much on the hot topics of the energy industry. I also appreciate the details and the level of effort that went into planning and organization.

Arunkumar (Arun) Vedhathiri, Solution Delivery, New Energy Solutions Manager, U.S. Senate Relations

As New York State continues to aggressively attack the causes of climate change head on and build a green energy economy of the future, open dialogue and strategic collaborations will be critical to our success. The symposium provided an opportunity to advance both, while also engaging and inspiring students who represent the next generation of clean energy experts and environmental stewards…Thank you for all you do to support and advance environmental protection and the cause of conservation. I look forward to the 20th annual next year!

Basil Seggos, Commissioner DEC

It is no surprise to me that the symposium was “a resounding success”. You did a great
job in putting this event together! It outlined the problem and potential solutions, the national policy perspective and New York’s, opportunities/roles for individuals and businesses (NGOs, etc.), government programs at the national and state level, and more. The emphasis on Q&A gave the event real life. One person’s comment (I paraphrase) that it was good enough to be a $1,000 event in prime time in New York City was no exaggeration. It was great fun to participate in the symposium, to share the stage with so many wonderful speakers, and to field some of the many excellent questions.

David Berg, Chief Advisor, Energy Policy, US Department of Energy

I’m glad we have you as the alternate energy advocate and leader here in Central New York. When even Senator Schumer sends a video supporting your program and activities here, I know that New York State has become a nationwide leader in energy advocacy.

Les Monostory, Isaac Walton League

It was so uplifting for me to see up close how much is being done, at what scale and at what speed in NYS to promote our clean energy future.

Joe Pepe, Climate Reality Project

Thank you, Rhea for another informative, encouraging symposium on our wonderful state’s energy accomplishments!!!! This is a great state!!!! Was so interested in the Agrivoltaics many benefits for farmers and the rest of the country!!! Looking forward to hearing about next year’s accomplishments In trying to save this grand Earth so we do not have to relocate to Mars after ruining this planet!!!!!

Susan Lison, Author

I would like to thank you for the excellent content of the Symposium yesterday. It was very informative…I look forward to next years version. As a Developer/Builder, I fully believe that we have to change the path we are on. I have built a net zero house, and I am completing a Commercial Building Renovation that I believe will be close to net zero. It will be the first building in Downtown Syracuse to be completely Carbon Free with Solar Panels. The Symposium convinced me to pursue an Energy Storage option. Thank you, and see you next year.

Tom Goodfellow

Rhea Jezer’s annual conference today was virtual. I believe that in some ways it was a superior method than in person, since the information and presentation were much “larger,” ie more focused when you are focused on your computer screen. More signal. Less noise. In any event, the presenter from NREL is literally working on solar farms in the agricultural setting. That’s his job! And, I applaud NREL for this effort.

John Miranda

The Symposium was outstanding! Thank you!

Josh Klainberg, Senior Vice President, New York League of Conservation Voters (NYLCV)

I attended my first symposium by Rhea Jezer in 2008 I hope to make the next 36. These days are truly inspirational. When you leave you know that you can make a difference and I am sure many have. After going the first year you’re energized both coming and going. I was there one year when an entourage of university students filled two long tables. That was while I poured a cup of coffee and briefly chatted with Garry Brown from the PSC. Then I went back to my seat behind six friendly members of the DEC. I eased into that seat just in time to enjoy someone teasing by Frank Murray from NYSERDA. Kit Kennedy has been the moderator each time I went and you would swear she was leading an orchestra. This is the event to attend. You can put faces and personalities the names of leaders in our field and walk out the door feeling a part of it all. It is great.

Bernie Daily, Daily Operations Inc., Rochester, New York

As the Supervisor of the Town of Lebanon, we are always looking for ways to balance preserving the rural quality of our small township of 1,340 residents with the realities of economic growth and widening tax base to reduce the burden on our farmers and rural residents with fixed incomes. This Symposium helps us to focus on workable alternative energy scenarios that can allow us to address economic concerns while also doing so in an environmental sound and even visionary manner.

James Goldstein, Supervisor, Town of Lebanon

I can’t say enough about the day and the experiences it held for my students. Simply extraordinary. Being in the same room with the great minds you gathered was inspiring. Thank you for making us feel most welcome and acknowledging what I believe, that young people carry the creative spirit and keys to helping us move our energy and other challenges forward. Most appreciatively.

Sue Foster, Science Department Chair, Manlius Pebble Hill School, DeWit

The event is one of those sought for opportunities that foster the form of dialogue that will lead to a sustainable climate and economic solutions and reduce those moments that allow opposition to be the dominate point of discussion. I think it has become too easy to draw lines in the sand depend on lobbying to drive sound policy; your approach was a welcome alternative to demonstrate that collectively we can solve many challenges and optimize many opportunities.

Dennis Eisenbeck, National Grid Regional Director Energy Solution

The opportunity for networking with those from the energy industry, educational field and government agencies has been invaluable to me. These contacts have been especially beneficial as I support local efforts to establish a Renewable Energy Education Center at the site of the Fenner Wind Farm (FREE Center). The appeal of your programs to educators at all levels who then share the message to the young people who are our future policy makers, industry leaders and energy consumers leaves a footprint for a brighter future.

Russ Carey, Supervisor, Town of Fenner

The Symposium yesterday exceeded our expectations. We have attended before, and found our excitement about the future of good ideas originating at your conferences to be infectious once again. The selection of panelists was incredible. Geoff Anderson’s analysis and description of Smart Growth was nothing short of brilliant. We belong to
the Southern Madison Heritage Trust, a land trust dedicated to preserving productive farmland in six Townships in Southern Madison County. The information we gleaned at your symposium Rhea, will be of value to us for a long time. Many thanks.

Carolyn Todd, Southern Madison Heritage Trust

Thank you, Rhea. Another great conference and I am very appreciative of all the work you put into this. Bringing this conference and information to us on an annual basis is incredibly valuable.

John Pumilio, Director of Sustainability, Colgate University

Your conference was spectacular! It was a real privilege and pleasure to participate.

Ed Bogucz, Executive Director, Syracuse Center of Excellence in Environmental and Energy Systems

Rhea, congrats on yet another fantastic symposium. I plan on never missing any of these. The international speakers were excellent and added a great new dimension, and all the other speakers were great. AG Schneiderman’s talk was amazing — great leadership on these issues. This symposium is getting better and better!

Kit Kennedy, Counsel to Air & Energy Program, NRDC

What struck me about your conference was an unmistakable balance in the content, presentations and attendees. That is very rare today, but the way it should be. After all, how can progress be made if we don’t bring everyone to the table and encourage meaningful dialogue to share ideas and successes? The entire day was packed with great presentations on a wide range of practical topics. There is often controversy and strong opinion at similar conferences on these subjects–however this conference did not degrade into the normal squabble and finger pointing. That is a testament to your good judgment in selecting the topics and speakers. While the day was packed, there was also ample time to network. It will be difficult to top this conference next year, but I will offer my assistance in any way I can, to help you do so.

Arnie Talgo, Sr. Policy Analyst
New York Power Authority, Clark Energy Center

I was particularly interested in the Symposium from the standpoint of comparing municipal, university and business efforts to adopt renewable energy and sustainable practices. The parallels were both interesting and mutually supporting, …and will help us in our planning.

Neil Murphy, President, SUNY ESF

Congratulations for a powerful day that will bring many more to the table as champions for this critical work.

Craig Heim, Publisher & Editor, Natural Awakenings

The Symposium was terrific. I took lots of notes. Great information! I give you a great deal of credit for bringing a world-class event to Central New York! (again)

Diane Brandli, ASID, CID, LEED AP, dbdesign Director, Greening America

Rhea, your energy and your organizational skills never cease to amaze me. Thank you ever so much for organizing this annual energy symposium. Keep up the good work.

Ruth Young, President, People for a Healthy Environment

Thank you so much for hosting this year’s Symposium. I had a great time being around so many like-minded people & being informed about all the green-energy opportunities in CNY. I love the subject of environmental policy and conservation and it’s events like this that keep me interested and set on becoming involved. Thanks for all your efforts.

Leigh Preston, Senior, Manlius Pebble Hill High School

Let me congratulate you on a fantastic symposium. I was SO impressed, with the speakers, with the format, with the information. Really excellent, and I know how hard you worked, and for so long, to make it all happen. Fantastic job!

Dana Johnston, Managing Director, External Relations, Synapse Partners, LLC.

I’m winding down a mechanical engineering career at ITT-Exelis here in Rochester and looking forward to starting on a new path in the Renewable Energy /Sustainability arena. The symposium was a very good opportunity to expand my understanding of what activity there is in this area. Thanks for your hard work.

Chuck Brugger, Rochester

…I was personally taken by the immense amount of planning that goes into such an event…every detail, working a timeline, remaining firm and true to your goals and your vision, and of course remaining a top-notch host throughout the event. I also learned a
lot about public speaking. Thank you Dr. Jezer for your hard work and diligence in putting this together. You have done a great service in environmental education for Cazenovia College, the community, and most definitely our class. I am eager to attend (and hopefully volunteer) at next year’s Symposium.

Kyle M. Townsend, Student, Cazenovia College

Congratulations on a well run, well organized, high powered seminar. I learned a lot and can’t wait till next year!

Dave Tucker, Architect, Marcellus

The opportunity for networking with those from the energy industry, educational field and government agencies has been invaluable to me.

Russ Carey, Supervisor, Town of Fenner, Madison County

As you know, Sierra Club has been a proud sponsor for the Symposium on Energy for the last several years. The quality of speakers and participants which you so ably assemble is astonishing. We have already invited some of the speakers to our meetings, and have planned programs around the issues the Symposium dealt with. You and I have worked together for over 25years, and on environmental issues for over fourteen, and this is the pinnacle of the successes you have accomplished. This year Sierra Club was proud to be a partner and help out with the Symposium, as well as broaden the scope of our understanding of the issue. It was a pleasure working with you. Please count us in for future partnerships. We can’t wait to see what next year’s
program will be.

Martha Loew, Chair, Iroquois Group, Sierra Club

I want to congratulate you and thank you for the organization of the Annual Symposium on Energy. I absolutely loved listening to the speakers …and look forward to sharing with my students.

Professor Alok Kumar,
Chair and Professor Department of Physics, SUNY Oswego

I would like to thank you for coordinating the Energy Symposium last week. It was both educational and challenging and does a great deal to promote discussion at a new level. The Symposium was both educational and challenging. The debate on the safety of nuclear energy and its byproducts is one that is not likely to disappear regardless of the track record in North America. I did take the Fenner Windfarm tour and that was most enlightening.

Thomas A. Pritchard, Chairman, Otsego County Planning Board

Again my congratulations for the great conference. You really succeeded to put together an exceptionally competent panel. I am looking forward to get access to the presentations of the other speakers. The conference was very interesting for me and I hope to have made some lasting contacts. That would be very useful for my research on grids and demand response. Coming from Europe I was very impressed by the speech of Eric Schneiderman – for two reasons: first, in Europe an attorney general would never be so outspoken and with a clear societal, if not political mission. Second: he brilliantly presented the fight for rationality and evidence-based judgment against obscurantism and misinformation which does not (yet?) exist in this form in Europe. If you have the speech as a written text, I would appreciate to get it. Rhea, it was really great to get to know you. Thank you very much again for inviting me and for your great hospitality. Let’s keep in touch. It would be fine to welcome you both in Berlin.

Ruggero Schleicher-Tappeser, Sustainable Strategies, Berlin, Germany

The next ten years will continue to expand the conversation and allow communities and individuals to share their success and failures which will advance the effort for all the communities involved…The key of the success of your program is bringing together expert panelists and the group discussions and networking with the professional and community leaders that bring the message home to their own communities. The energy topic has become infectious. Many discussions and connections build on the information for years.

Mayor Timothy C. Lattimore, Michael H. Long, City Manager, City of Auburn

It was great to hear about approaches to sustainability from people other than my own peer group of architects. Seeing what’s being done by city officials, institutions, administrators and elected officials gave a new perspective on ways to reduce our environmental impact. I will certainly be able to use this information.

Bruce Ward, Architect, Hamilton, New York

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for having such a great conference last week. I look forward on attending next years conference.

Court Rutherford, VP Operations, Pyrus Energy Inc. Weedsport

I’d like to take a moment to thank you for your efforts in making this event happen – in my few years of attending, I’ve found it to be a great experience, and I’m looking forward to attending in April!

David P. Booth, Higher Education Solutions, Johnson Controls, Inc.

That was such a great symposium on Friday. I wish I’d heard about the ones previous years so I could have gone to them, but I’m glad that I heard about this one and I’ll look for next years! What a fantastic opportunity. Next year I, too, will try to bring students! Thank you so much!

Michele Hluchy, Director, Environmental Studies, Alfred University

Many thanks for organizing such an interesting symposium last Friday. The speakers you rounded up were all excellent, and the topics were of great interest and many ideas will be transferred and used by those who attended. Congratulations on such a wonderful job!

Jane Zacek, Union College, Schenectady

Again, I would like to thank you for a great event and for taking your valuable time to put it all together.

Mark A. Bethmann, President, Bell Group

Thank you for putting on such a wonderful day, I would greatly appreciate access to a download of the power points. I believe they will prove to be a quality asset while working on my Masters Degree.

Patrick Niedzwiecki

Thanks for a wonderful conference, and all that you do to make it happen.

Paul Crovella

Each year Dr. Rhea Jezer attracts some of the most powerful energy czars to participate from academia, government and the private sector. Thank you!

Guy M. Zaczek, e3 Energy Environment Education, Niagara Falls

Another home run! Congratulations.

John Miranda, Syracuse