Dr. Rhea Jezer founded the Symposium on Energy in the 21st Century in 2005, as a faculty member of Cazenovia College. The immediate success of the Symposium outgrew the small college facilities and moved to a much larger venue. The Symposium temporarily was affiliated with Synapse Sustainability Trust before the not for profit Energy21 LTD was established. Energy21 has broadened the scope of the Symposium, with newsletters, webinars and other presentations. This year is the Twentieth Annual Symposium on Energy in the 21st Century and will be held on April 12th.

The Symposium was not interrupted by COVID, and now has settled on a hybrid event, with the ability for attendees to participate remotely. It is presented in the Gateway Building at SUNY ESF. Breakfast and lunch is provided, and there are interesting tours offered after the event with transportation on electric or other clean buses. There is a low fee for the Symposium and tours, subsidized by a group of loyal sponsors.

This widely acclaimed and award winning Symposium, in its twentieth year, is unique and known for its outstanding speakers and cutting edge information and policy discussions. We work closely with NREL, NRDC and NYSERDA. The event brings together over 400 attendees not only from all across New York State but also from several other states. Attendees include not only environmental, labor and business leaders, but municipal mayors and sustainability managers, contractors, tradesmen, laborers, interested citizens, professors, college presidents and students from a dozen colleges, state employees, as well as several members from NYS Assembly and Senate. At least one college course includes the Symposium in its curriculum.

The mission of the Symposium is to present a comprehensive understanding of the possibilities available for us to confront the problems and issues which are creating global warming, and to gain insights into possible solutions. The Symposium does not endorse any products, technology or positions.